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CARNIVAL 2017: get informed and book your carnival trip in Rio de Janeiro!

The famous & iconic carnival of Rio de Janeiro is without a doubt one for on your bucket list. 40 Days before Easter the party begins; 5 days full of shows, samba, dancing, partying and happiness.


To learn more about Carnival’s origin, we’ll have to do some history.

The Portuguese introduced Carnival in Rio at the end of the 19th century. For them, carnival meant having balls and masquerade parties, but this soon changed due to African and Indian influences. Carnival changed into a festival where people would make music and dance on the streets where dressing up was not unusual. For once a year you could be whomever you wanted to, people would be free from differences in social classes.

A later development was the competition between people dressing up and performing on the streets with instruments and costumes.


Sambódromo is the venue where all samba schools perform in a parade with the most outstanding costumes. The schools have practised all year to battle against each other, which results in an unforgettable and spectacular show! From the tribunes placed on each side of the venue, you can enjoy all the samba dancers that pass by. For tickets and more information about this event, contact WhereInRio. 

Samba schools

The people that perform during Sambódromo are all part of different samba schools. Next to the sambodromo, you can see the dancers perform during practices. These practices are held in the samba schools, where you even get some samba lessons yourself. Want to enjoy the show or participate yourself? WhereInRio arranges it for you.

Street parties

Next to all the organized events, you can also enjoy the many free street parties that take place. The most popular one is Banda de Ipanema, where a crowd walks through the streets playing Carnival samba classics. Banda de Ipanema starts at General Osorio square. You can already participate in these street parties 2 weeks before Carnival officially starts.

For more information on where to stay, or where and how to participate in any of the Carnival events, please contact WhereInRio.


Angra dos Reis: get informed and book your trip!


Angra dos Reis, which is literally translated into creek of the kings, is a place in the state of Rio de Janeiro which is well known by the tourists and cariocas themselves for its amazing nature and beaches.

Angra consists 365 islands along the coast and a piece of mainland, which is about 150 km from the city of Rio. The most famous island is Ilha Grande, which is accessible with a boat that departs from Angra’s main land.

Where in Angra?

When you want a relaxing vacation or weekend, Angra is the perfect destination. But where should you stay? WhereInRio has some amazing properties available that will get a short introduction.

5 bedroom villa with boat included

This beautiful villa has 5 beachfront suites, each of them equipped with a double bed. The entire house has a tropical vibe since it’s decorated with bamboo, wood and natural colours. In the kitchen there is a brick oven and a bar table. Outside you will find a private beach, a dock where you will find a 50 foot boat with driver. Multiple terraces are situated in the garden, at the terrace you will have a look over the swimming pool and the sea. There is security 24/7, a football field, heliport, private swimming pool and a sauna.

5 bedroom villa

This luxury villa can accommodate 10 people it is modernly decorated. There is air-conditioning throughout the entire villa. It has a peaceful outside area with a private swimming pool sun loungers and a lounge area. It is well located, surrounded by mountains with an overview of the river and the sea. There is a covered outside area with an outdoor kitchen. 

WhereInRio has a wide range of properties in Angra dos Reis, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the possibilities. 


Rio de Janeiro: a golfing destination

Ever thought about making a golf trip to Rio? We can make it happen!

Due to a partnership with Riolize Golf, we are able to offer a complete luxury golf travel experience to those golfers whom have yet to discover Rio as a golfing destination. WhereInRio offers the most amazing properties in combination with golfing and concierge services.

About Riolize Golf

Riolize Golf is the first inbound golf tour operator in Brazil. They offer full-service, luxury golf travels to 5 different states in Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro. Accommodation, access to the best golf courses, transportation and other concierge services are offered in the form of luxury golf packages.

The company has developed packages where 1 to 3 states are visited, and where sight seeing is very much included in the trip. For example, the Iguazu falls, which are one of the 7 wonders, are part of one of the golfing trips. It is also possible to have an entirely customized trip. Riolize Golf can have a trip tailor-made to you specific requests.

For more information about Riolize Golf you can visit their website.

Why Brazil as a golfing destination?

A good argument to have Brazil as your golf destination is the fact that the Olympic golf course is now open to the public. The course was built for the 2016 Summer Olympics, where golf was an Olympic game for the first time since 1904!

Needless to say, the Brazilian nature and culture are very rich. Being able to combine golfing with a hike at the Iguazi falls, a samba party in Ipanema, or relaxing on the most magical beaches you could think of, is what makes it very interesting to plan a golfing trip to Brazil!

If you are thinking about having Rio as your golfing destination, please do not hesitate to contact us.