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Incredible Places and the exclusive schedule of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

28 January 2020

Carnival is one of the most expected moment of the year in Rio which is a famous destination among travelers from all over the world. From charming and exclusive landscapes to crowded street parties in Copacabana beach, the city offers a many options for locals and tourists.

We have separated a list of incredible places to enjoy carnival in Rio. If you have not decided yet if Rio is the best destination, these tips will convince you.

Cariocas are already getting into the mood of revelry. So it is quite important to plan your stay in the wonderful city! First, we recommend you to choose the right place that you will be staying during the festive period. Then you should start your itinerary and include our tips to enjoy the best of the city.


Located in one of the most bohemian neighborhoods in the city, Ipanema beach is famous for its diversity. It is the favorite place for young people, artists, tourists, it is also a great point for the LGBT community.

The 10th Station, or Posto 10, as brazilians claim, is a part of the beach located between Ipanema and Leblon, where you can find peace and calm. The 9th and 8th stations are packed and full of life.

Located in the center of Rio de Janeiro, the National Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most important of its kind in the country. With the largest collection of brazilian works from the 19th century, the place stands out for having great works by Brazilian artists, making it possible to reconstruct the entire trajectory of Brazilian painting until today. Unmissable!

Copacabana and Ipanema beaches will receive a mega structure for party shows that will take place every weekend until February 9th. Artists such as Iza, Anavitória, Diogo Nogueira and others will perform. You can check the complete schedule here.

In addition to the stages, there are also traditional ‘blocos’, street parties that attract a lot of people and take place all over the city, with their concentration on the days of Official Carnival. The ‘bloco’ schedule you can access on the website.

For those who decide to have an immersive experience, there is also the Sambadrome carnival, where the biggest Carnival show in the world takes place on February 23rd and February 24th: the parade of samba schools. It is two complete nights with different schools with floats, costumes and much more.


Secret beach is a beach, which, as the name says, is secret. It only appears on low tide days, with a very small strip of sand, it is really quite exclusive. If you intend to venture to find the secret beach, you must know that to get there you have to go through a trail that starts at Praia da Macumba, in Recreio dos Bandeirantes.

This is an option that goes unnoticed in the traditional Rio de Janeiro itinerary. Located in the Tijuca Forest, inside a mansion, the Açude Museum has some European relics, especially the collection of tiles from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Surrounded by nature, it is a great option for those who want to escape the traditional route.

They are street ‘blocos’ that are not on the city's official calendar, they are friends or ‘blocos’ that come together and parade through the city. They are usually less crowded than the official ‘blocos’ and usually walk a lot.

There are some ‘blocos’ that have already become famous: Tecnobloco with its parede that starts 4am and Boi Tolo, a ‘bloco’ that starts at 8 am and has no time or place to finish. And how do you know which are the best unofficial blocks? Only by meeting someone who knows someone who will play the ‘bloco’.

And usually the information for the day and time is released a few hours earlier and spreads through word of mouth. But a good concierge service will be able to indicate the main and best unofficial ‘blocos’ for you.

Now just set up your itinerary to enjoy the biggest popular party in the world.

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