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How to have a luxury modern kitchen

13 September 2019

The kitchen is an essential part of the house, both as a place to eat and as a living and relaxing space. Today, it is more and more important to pay attention to the aspect of your kitchen when you want to rent or sell your property. To ensure a modern kitchen, pay attention to the materials, colours and textures! A beautiful kitchen can suddenly change the atmosphere and standing of your property.

It's not the size that counts for a modern kitchen

Don't think that it's necessarily the size of your kitchen that makes it luxurious and more modern. Indeed, what matters most is the layout of your kitchen, whether it is small or huge. For a small kitchen, you may consider adding a small bar to separate two spaces or a small space to enjoy coffee. Invest in beautiful cutlery and don't neglect the need for a pantry.

If your kitchen is large, let your creative spirit indulge and take advantage of all your space, playing with colours, textures, equipment.

Kitchen of luxury apartment for rent in rio de janeiro
Kitchen of luxury apartment for rent in Rio de janeiro

A modern and luxurious kitchen requires harmony

There are different materials that can be used to classify a kitchen as modern. This ranges from wall cladding, to the choice of flooring or colour scheme. It is also preferable to choose new generation equipment. All the elements must match together to give a soul to your decoration. Are you more of a vintage or contemporary style? It's up to you to decide.

Another essential element: light! As we already said in our 5 homestaging tips, the brightness of the space will automatically offer your living space a more welcoming and open atmosphere. Ideally, opt for white lights. Also, don't neglect the importance of windows to ventilate the space and bring in more light. When it comes to durability and energy savings, some simple details deserve to be considered, such as not installing the oven right next to the fridge! Otherwise, your refrigerator will have to consume more to cool the food properly.

Be creative, think, invest, and you will see, your kitchen will be a reference of modernity and will be able to enter the luxury category!

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