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Make the most of your holidays in Rio de Janeiro when it rains too!

18 November 2019

When you imagine the city of Rio de Janeiro, you can easily project yourself on a fine sandy beach, a caipirinha in your hand, with your eyes fixed on the hills overlooking the city...
But anyone who thinks that Rio de Janeiro only suits itself with bright sunshine and long days at the beach misses out on many other activities that the city is full of and that can easily be enjoyed for at least 109 days a year... In other words, when it rains!
Even though the sun is part of Rio de Janeiro's landscape, the city is subject to rainfall.

So if this happens to you during your holidays in Rio, don't worry, Where in Rio has planned several activities for you to do when it rains.

1) The municipal theatre

An imposing building inaugurated in 1909, the municipal theatre stands out among the other buildings in Floriano Peixoto Square, it houses works by the most renowned Brazilian artists of the time of its construction and is covered with 219,000 gold leaves and 57 tons of copper.

The building's design is inspired by the one of the Paris Opera, built by Charles Garnier.

Originally, the Theatre was only a venue, which mainly received foreign companies, most of them from Italy and France. From the 1930s, the Municipality began to have its own artistic bodies: orchestra, choir and ballet. The Rio Municipal Theatre is now the only Brazilian cultural institution to maintain a choir, symphony orchestra and ballet company simultaneously!

In addition to the show program, there are guided tours every two hours available in Portuguese, English and Spanish for only R$10. A great opportunity to learn more about the history of the city of Rio de Janeiro and its art.

For more information, see the theatre's website.

Theatre of Rio de Janeiro

2) The National Library

Like the city of Rio de Janeiro, the national library contains part of the country's history. Its construction was initiated by the royal family during its installation in Brazil, having brought with them many important books. 

These books were put aside for a long time before they could be made available to the public.

Today, the National Library is one of the 10 largest libraries in the world by UNESCO and the largest in Latin America. Guided tours are available in Portuguese, English and Spanish, enjoy them!

For more information, see the library's website.

3) Go eat/ have a drink in Armazém São Thiago

Armazém São Thiago, or Bar do Gomez, is now one of the most popular bars in Santa Teresa. The place is famous for its beautiful variety of salgados, the famous Brazilian salted salads, and its vast list of cachaças. 

This typical place has nearly a century of history, and is home to residents and tourists of all ages and backgrounds. The environment of this place reminds us of the old cariocas bars and there are many well-preserved old objects.

This bar-restaurant will take you back in time to Rio de Janeiro's past, a great way to better understand the history of this beautiful city!

4) Museu do Amanhã

We told you about it in our previous article on the subject "5 ways to enjoy your holiday rental in Rio de Janeiro", the Museu do Amanhã, literally "Tomorrow's Museum" is a project of Spanish Santiago Calatrava, inaugurated and designed for the Olympic Games in Rio, in 2015.

The museum works with solar energy, and the themes covered cover the history and future of our planet, climate change and contemporary society.

The originality of this museum lies in its interactive experience: the museum is full of screens and special effects. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm.

Our tip: admission is free for everyone, every Tuesday! In addition, there is a mobile application of the museum that is very well done and completely free, which will allow you to learn about current exhibitions and events and plan your visit. 

For more information, see the Museum's website.

5) Museum of Art of Rio (MAR)

Museum of Art of Rio (MAR) is an art museum located near the Museu do Amanhã. Its exhibitions vary each month and include photography, sculpture and art history.

Our good plan: entry is also free on Tuesdays and access (free of charge at all times) to the terrace allows you to enjoy a very beautiful view of Mauá Square and the bay of Guanabara.

For more information, see the Museum's website.

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