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Buy your tickets for the 2019 Rio Carnival

22 February 2019

Buy your tickets for the 2019 Rio Carnival

  The largest annual event in Rio de Janeiro takes place in just one week. The city expects more than 1,600,000 visitors this year for the occasion. Transform this 2019 Carnival into an unforgettable experience. On the program, the best Samba schools in the city will march in costumes designed by prestigious designers such as the french one Jean Paul Gaultier. There is not much time left to organize your outings. Don’t panic we will guide you through this event.

The displacements

   The city of Rio de Janeiro is in full swing during the Carnival period. The streets are stormed by blockos and partygoers, not easy to get around. For this, we offer two options to get you quickly and safely to the parties. The first is to take a shuttle that will pick you up in front of your hotel. You will share this shuttle with other spectators. Shuttles are available every 30 minutes. The second solution, much more comfortable, is to send you a private driver at the time that you want. The vehicle will, of course, adapt to your number.

Which ticket to choose?

   To enjoy the more as possible the shows, the choice of tickets is essential. The festivities start around 22h. We offer several formulas to satisfy your desires. There are 3 types of seats to see the parade and 13 different sectors (see photo below).

The 3 types of seats

 The Arquibancadas are composed of steps. These are the seats furthest away from the stage. It’s not possible to choose its location when booking in the Arquibancadas (except in sector 13).

 The Camarotes are privileged spaces, very popular with tourists. These are VIP boxes very comfortable and perfectly secure. You will be able to contemplate the parade from a perfect angle. The hostesses will be at your disposal to serve you your favorite champagne and aperitifs throughout the evening.

 Frisas are the best places to be at the heart of the show. These places are located only a few meters from the schools that parade. You will not miss a single detail of the costumes of the dancers. If you choose to spend the evening in the Camarottes, you will have the opportunity to go down in this very privileged space throughout the evening.

Amazing benefits just for you

 With our partner Lounge Carioca, we have prepared a special "kit" for Carnival 2019. We first take care of taking the ticket of your choice. Then, we meet you in front of your hotel to give you a T-shirt specially customized for the event by professionals and an access bracelet. Finally, a mountain of exclusive gifts await you to spend the most fantastic evening of your life.

 Finally, we offer you an experience out of the ordinary. How about scrolling alongside the most prestigious Samba schools? We are ready to go aboard a tank after teaching you the necessary songs and choreographies. You will be completely immersed in this internationally renowned parade.

 Don’t wait longer, contact us here or in www.whereinrio.com to buy your tickets or to have more informations.

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