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22 May 2020

Find out how to visit, trade, buy and sign everything online from anywhere in the world, including the deed with WhereInRio.

The real estate profession with the help of Brazilian law has established measures to authorize the purchase or rental of real estate in a 100% safe and digital way during the pandemic. However, the National Council of Justice has authorized remote operation during the pandemic throughout the country. Helping real estate agencies in Brazil to continue working and the market to function, protecting clients and owners.

Knows in detail the three measures implemented by WhereInRio to allow the purchase or rental of real estate in Rio de Janeiro during the pandemic:


In this particular situation due to the global pandemic, WhereInRio prioritizes virtual visits to properties through videos and/or video calls. All this to avoid the maximum physical contact between owners and customers. A large part of the property listings have full videos to better fit the apartment as in real life. In certain situations (e.g. unoccupied apartment...), the WhereInRio team can organize physical visits limiting the number of people to what is strictly necessary and, of course, equipping our owners and visitors with masks, hydroalcoholic gel and gloves to ensure everyone's safety.


The signing of sales and rental contracts has been reorganized to be digitalized. The measure authorizes, during the social restrictions to contain Covid-19, the remote release of notarial acts, such as the release of powers of attorney, deeds of purchase and sale from anywhere in the world, for Brazilians and foreigners.

Thus, for rental contracts or sales commitments, WhereInRio has implemented DocuSign™, the world-renowned, 100% legally secure digital signature system. The authentication mechanisms of documents and information collected by DocuSign™ through its electronic signature system are fully capable of providing legal security to these documents, ensuring their authenticity and integrity, through the information collected by the co leaders when performing the authentication and archiving of documents. F

or the signature of the final sale, requiring the intervention of a notary public and thanks to its partnership with your notary public, it is now possible through a Digital Certificate, proceed to the 100% digital signature of the deeds of sale. If this is not your preference, WhereInRio still in collaboration with your notary, will organize the signature of the sale at home or at the place of choice of the customer ...

Naturally, our "mobile" notary office will travel equipped with all the necessary protections to ensure everyone's safety.


Great novelty in the Brazilian real estate market during the coronavirus crisis: the issuance of 100% digital sales certificates.

As provided in §5 of Article 1 of CNJ Provision No. 95 of 01/04/2020, §2 of Article 10 of Provisional Measure 2,200-2/01 and CGJ/RJ Provision No. 31/2020, annexes, it is authorized to perform notarial acts at a distance in electronic form and in mixed form (digital part / physical part).

The electronic acts can be done in a totally digital way without any physical contact, crossing the barriers of distance necessary for the preservation of all, for in, WhereInRio takes care of the security of its clients. To summarize it is possible to make an electronic deed of sale with a digital certificate. A revolution in the market that makes transactions easier. If they don't have it yet, this service can be issued completely remotely through a certifying company, which also generates the digital certificate electronically, by e-mail, at a low cost.

Foreigners can also have access to remote purchase of real estate in Brazil. The international teams of WhereInRio will be able to meet all the needs of their clients. Any foreigner who wishes to acquire a property through digital signature and digital issuance of sales contracts will have to have a CPF number. In addition, Europeans will need their passport to have access to purchase real estate in Brazil. And foreigners outside the European zone will have to provide an official translation of their passport.

WhereInRio, a real estate agency specialized in luxury, for more than 15 years in Brazil, guarantees that all our clients' transactions work without problems. We accompany Brazilian and foreign investors throughout their project. In this particular situation that we are going through worldwide, WhereInRio is your ideal partner to be present in every step of the procedure, so it is as easy and safe as possible for you.

Simple, fast and totally safe!

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