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How to get a golden visa in Brazil by investing in real estate?

1 June 2020

Since the normative resolution No. 36, of October 9, 2018, Brazil authorizes the obtaining of a Permanent Resident Visa in exchange for the purchase of a property with a value of at least 1,000,000 Reais.

This VISTEM IX investor visa, generally known as the "Golden Visa", is an option for those who want to obtain the right to stay in Brazil and have capital to invest. WhereInRio, one of the leaders in high-end real estate in Rio de Janeiro for 15 years, is the ideal partner to help you realize this dream and find and manage your property.

What are the minimum values to invest to obtain VISTEM IX?

The minimum investment required to apply for the Vitem IX visa is set at R$ 1,000,000 for the southern regions and Rio de Janeiro and R$ 700,000 for the northern and northeastern states. These amounts apply to residential and commercial real estate, excluding rural properties.

What are the requirements for the golden visa?

The investment must be validated by a Brazilian bank and the migration authorities. Once the application is approved, the investor receives a temporary residence permit for two years. After this term, if the interested party remains the owner of the property, a permanent residence permit is granted. In addition, the investor must live in Brazil for at least 30 days before applying for residency. After four years of residence, the investor and his family may even apply for Brazilian naturalization.

What about the investor's family?

Another good news is that the investor visa can be extended to dependents and must be applied for individually.

WhereInRio, a luxury real estate agency in Rio de Janeiro for 15 years, guarantees that all our clients' transactions run smoothly, even in times of coronavirus crisis. We accompany Brazilian and foreign investors throughout their project in the purchase and management of your property. Our multilingual teams will be able to answer your problems and find the ideal property for your investment in Brazil.WhereInRio also has a network of great Professionals, Lawyers, Accountants, Notaries, multilingual, which will allow you to accompany your project in all serenity.

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