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Real estate in Brazil, still accessible during the Covid-19 crisis

17 April 2020

The government has put in place measures to allow the Brazilian real estate market to continue to function to meet the demand that remains during the epidemic. Among these measures, the maintenance of lower interest rates for Brazilian loans, the possibility of extending the maturities of real estate and/or rent financing, but above all, keeping open and reorganizing the RGI to register real estate transactions and issue the necessary certificates.

These measures help the real estate agencies in Brazil to continue to work and the market to function, while protecting clients and owners. At WhereInRio, a luxury real estate agency based in Rio de Janeiro, the teams have focused their working methods on digital technology to work as efficiently as possible and protect both teams and clients.

Here are the three measures implemented by WhereInRio to meet the needs of its customers while ensuring the safety of all:


  2. The whole team, 100% operational on both purchasing and renting, favours “home office” in order to ensure its security and that of its relatives. WhereInRio is always available by phone/whatsapp or email to answer questions and needs of its customers. When travel is necessary for the company's activity, employees are equipped with masks, hydroalcoholic gel and gloves. These are also made available to customers and owners if needed.

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  2. In this particular situation due to the global pandemic, WhereInRio prioritizes virtual tours of properties through video or video calls to avoid physical contact between owners and customers as much as possible. A large proportion of property listings have full video tours to best fit in with the apartment as in real life. In certain situations (e.g. unoccupied apartment...), we can organize physical visits by limiting the number of people to what is strictly necessary and, of course, by equipping our owners and visitors with masks, hydro-alcoholic gel and gloves to ensure everyone's safety.


The signing of sales and rental contracts has been reorganized to be digitized. Thus, for rental contracts or sales agreements, WhereInRio has implemented DocuSign, the world-renowned and 100% secure digital signature system. Electronic documents have legal validity. The mechanisms of authentication of documents and information collected by DocuSign by means of its electronic signature system are fully capable of providing legal security for these documents, while ensuring their authenticity and integrity, by means of the information collected by the co leaders when the authentication and archiving of the documents is carried out.

For the signature of the final sales, requiring the intervention of a cartorio and thanks to its partnership with its Notary (15th oficio de notas), it is now also possible, under conditions, to proceed to the 100% digital signature of the deeds of sale*. If this is not possible, WhereInRio, still in collaboration with its Notary, will organize the signature of the sale at home or in the place of the customer's choice... Of course, our "moving" notaries will travel equipped with all the necessary protections to ensure the safety of all.

(*under conditions that the parties are equipped with digital certificates).

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