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Discover the timeless "Fábrica Behring" during your rental stay in Rio de Janeiro

11 April 2019

Discover the timeless "Fábrica Behring" during your rental stay in Rio de Janeiro

You rented an apartment in Rio de Janeiro and you want to discover an original place? We are going to present you a very special artistic gallery, by its history, its architecture and its exhibitions. This visit will transform your rental stay in Rio de Janeiro into an unforgettable experience.

 Whereinrio's concierge service offers an exclusive transport service and organizes your visit to the Behring Factory during your apartment rental. Do not wait any longer, contact us at www.whereinrio.com or directly HERE for more information.

 The Behring Factory was founded in the 1930s in the port area of ​​Rio de Janeiro called Gamboa. In 2010, it became an important place of artistic and cultural production.

 The factory was once one of the largest in the country. His main activity was the production and export of coffee and chocolate (Behring).

 The construction of this factory was very complicated: every metal structure that supports the building, came by boat from Hamburg, Germany, after the purchase of assets from a chocolate company that had closed. These coins were considered the best of the time. The plant contains different spaces such as a terrace, which offers incredible views of all of downtown Rio, Niteroi. The building is very well lit thanks to numerous windows. It has also served as a backdrop for many recordings such as "Fantástico", the Sunday TV show by Globo.

In 2005, inspired by the artistic crafts of factories in Berlin, London and Paris, the owner of Bhering decided to give a new use to the space, not used since the 90s, and began to rent to artists in search more attractive prices.

 The occupation of the space was done in a natural way, by the word-of-mouth of the artists themselves, who, dissatisfied with the high rental prices of real estate in the city, have found the way to reduce the costs and to create an artistic network where collaboration is the soul of this factory.

 The plant was then auctioned for 3.2 million rubles to a real estate company, in July 2012 the municipality of Rio de Janeiro signed documents guaranteeing the registration and expropriation of the plant. The Bhering Factory was part of the Circular ArtRio route, a bus line created specifically for the ArtRio Contemporary Art Fair (held in September), to visit the city's main visual arts addresses.

 Today, some of its machines and walls worn by years of abandonment have been preserved. On a built area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters, approximately 80 art studios are operating at full capacity. There are potters, designers, producers, visual artists, booksellers, gourmets, craftsmen, photographers, traders, furniture makers and even a small craft brewery.