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Home sales: Learn how to get the buyers attention.

4 March 2020

All over the world, many real estate experts say that all the money invested in a property contributes to its value! This increase is equivalent to the growth of the final gain at the time of sale. The investment can extend to several actions such as enlarging a room, renovating the house, improving the lighting or decorating. We have prepared this blog article with Habitissimo to explain how to take care of your home so that it gains in value when it is sold or even rented.

First tip: Eliminate the surplus!

The first look at a property is very important! Always remember to sort it out before a visit or taking pictures of your property, don't leave anything lying around. The layout of furniture and objects must be thought to be pleasant in the experience of the potential customer.

Second tip: Change the floor!

A new floor is one of the most significant renovations a home can receive and it can have an overall impact on the appearance of the property. Indeed, after a few years, the floor may wear, scratch and show signs of use over time, which is normal but not appealing to potential customers. Laminate floors, for example, are fashionable and highly recommended! In addition to a modern look, they bring a sense of amplitude to smaller spaces. That is why it is recommended to install them at home.

Third tip: Tidy up the kitchen!

The kitchen is one of the most "useful" parts of a property and can make all the difference in a consumer's buying decision. For example, your old meter can be replaced by a new one, this detail alone brings an already different perspective on the environment. Moreover, if you want to invest a little more, looking for new and modern appliances is one of the best alternatives to make your kitchen more attractive!

Fourth tip: Paint your house!

One thing is certain, the future buyer of your home wants to be able to project himself into a property where he would feel at home. That's why painting is one of the most important parts of increasing the value of your property. In addition, a brief bathroom renovation makes all the difference. To do this, change the tiles or the floor, for example. When choosing new colours for the house, make sure you are in line with current trends.

Fifth tip: Organize your outdoor space!

Outdoor space is as important as any other room in the house. If your garden is empty, it is possible to add a table and a few chairs or install some furniture to transform the outdoor space into a nice place to rest. This advice applies to all kinds of outdoor spaces. Whether it is a beautiful garden, a large courtyard or a balcony, the outdoor space should be well decorated.

Sixth tip: Change the switches

This topic may seem slightly insignificant, but it is just as important as the others. Over time, switches and electrical outlets scattered around the house usually turn yellow, aged by time. Changing them is another detail that should contribute to the enhancement of your property.

Seventh tip:  Modify the attic or basement!

This advice does not apply to all houses, but it is worth mentioning. If your property has an attic or basement, transforming this space into a useful area is a detail that will give immense value and charm to your property. There are many ideas, it could be a new office, library or bedroom. It will all depend on your imagination and your budget.

Tip number eight: Technology attracts attention!

In the past, the facades of houses had a few peculiarities, nowadays we rely more and more on technology to help us in our daily lives. That's why automatic doors are becoming more and more popular in modern homes. Adding an automatic gate is a good way to attract attention and enhance the exterior and security of your property.

Ninth tip: Decorate the entrance to your home!

The entrance to the house is the first thing the potential buyer sees during his or her visit; it's your business card. To increase the value of your property and awaken interest, decorate your entrance to make it more beautiful and attractive to visitors.

Tip #10: Install a walk-in closet!

The dressing room is a very differential point, it can make the difference in a consumer's decision to buy a property. So, if you have a room that is not used much, transforming it into a closet is an ingenious option that adds a lot of value to your house or apartment.

Last advice: Make your home enjoyable!

If you are looking to sell your home, to evaluate it, it is important that it be ready to receive potential buyers. Create a pleasant environment, with fresh flowers and all the necessary accessories to create a warm atmosphere!

Pay attention to details, even the smallest ones make the difference between a valuable home and one that attracts the interest of buyers. With more than fifteen years of experience, WhereInRio, luxury real estate agency specialized in the sale and rental of luxury apartments, houses and villas in Rio de Janeiro, offers you to evaluate your property and then put it on sale. We are at your disposal to help you get the best possible return on your investment. Do not hesitate to visit our owners page or to contact us directly.

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