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Why invest in pré-construction sales in Rio de Janeiro ?

10 July 2020

During a real estate project, a crucial question arises: should I buy on plan ?

To help you in your decision making, WhereInRio has prepared an article to help you understand the programs for selling new real estate. From personalization to monthly payment installments, we explain all the advantages of buying a new property.

By opting for a new property in Rio de Janeiro, you will benefit from :


The future is being built today and real estate is proof of this. The trends are clear and the builders have understood this.

Buying a new property will allow you to purchase a high-tech property (from shared wifi in the common areas to USB jack in the living room, some builders even create applications specially dedicated to the building).

These new buildings also meet ecological expectations ( individual water meter, electric vehicle recharging station, waste sorting) and are positioned for sharing (gourmet lounge, common laundry, garage with tools available for all residents etc).

Each project has its own personal touch, it's up to us to work together to find the one that will better suit you !


The builders we work with at WhereInRio are reliable. Like all investment, zero risk doesn’t exist, but what we can do is to guarantee properties built by the best real estate builders in Rio de Janeiro.

In the majority of cases, and being more usual in Zona Sul, you will realize an appreciation/valorization on your investment. Even between the day of your purchase and the final delivery of the apartment.


Do you want a property that suits your needs without having too much trouble? New building is the solution for you. You can build your dream apartment customizing the plans and materials without having to deal with the unexpected during construction!

You will only have to choose your preferences and the builder will take care of the execution for you, which will save you time and energy.

The delay required to build a new home also allows you to plan your purchase and gather more capital than the one you have today without having to take out a bank loan and face unfavourable interest rates.


Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for its postcard designs. The southern area of the city and its neighbourhoods like Ipanema or Leblon attract thousands of people every year. Although these areas are the most exclusive in the city, the real estate is aging and does not necessarily meet Western standards.

Investing in a new property is a guarantee of modernity and elegance. Indeed, a property that meets Western standards will have a value 30 to 40% higher on the real estate market. And as a bonus, condominium charges are often much lower than those of older buildings.


All these advantages will almost make you forget about delivery times! Yes, buying new real estate requires time and patience, it varies from 16 to 36 months. Obviously "best" properties go first, so to get your dreamy penthouse with a pool you will have to be very responsive during the purchase but also have some patience before moving in… :)

You are a foreigner and you don't have a Brazilian bank account? Then there may be a risk on the exchange rate. If possible, make a larger down payment at the outset to limit this potential risk. This could help you negotiate the price of your property!

So, are you tempted by the adventure? Get an overview of what’s expecting you with the latest launch in Ipanema >> Pura project

WhereInRio offers you a quality personalized accompaniment for your project thanks to more than 14 years of experience on the Brazilian real estate market. Our international and multilingual team will advise you and direct you to qualified and trusted professionals in order to meet your expectations and acquire the property of your dreams (bilingual lawyers, architects, etc.). Whether it is a personal purchase or an investment to rent, we offer all the necessary services for your project (research and purchase of a property, assessment of your rental potential, property management).

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The best pre construction purchase in Zona Sul, Rio de Janeiro

> Ipanema :

Studio : Bossa 107

1 bedroom : Pura

2 bedrooms : Two suites

3 or 4 bedrooms : Nove

> Leblon :





> Copacabana :

Atlântico Bait : more information is coming in a few days, the last project in Avenida Atlantica !

> Jardim Botânico :


> Lagoa :

Five Lagoa


Dumont 5


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