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Why renovate your apartment before selling it

2 September 2019

When a person wants to buy an apartment, he or she is often looking for perfection: a beautiful, renovated and flawless apartment, of course. This person is making a long-term investment and may well decide to live there all his life, that's why it's not enough to have a large apartment in a good location to be able to sell his property quickly. You should also consider that the state of conservation of your apartment is an important criterion at the time of sale.

Renovating your apartment speeds up the buyer's purchase decision

The first impression in front of a real estate property has an important role to play in the buyer's choice. The buyer must be able to project himself quickly enough and for that the general appearance of the property put up for sale plays a decisive role. The buyer always wonders how much the purchase will cost him in work and the less work required, the faster the sale can be. Indeed, it can attract more potential buyers who want to find a property in which they can settle right away, because it is in perfect condition.

Renovated apartment for sale in Copacabana
Renovated apartment for sale in Copacabana

A financial gain for the seller

The longer it takes to sell, the greater the chance of losing money, and a property in a poor state of preservation will take longer to sell. It is better to anticipate and think about renovation work before it is put up for sale, rather than waiting to understand that it is a slowing down factor for purchasing.

It is true that the work costs money, but it can also increase the value of your property. If the buyer feels that there is a lot of work to be done in the apartment, he will tend to make a lower offer, anticipating his renovation costs. Also, know that you don't have to do everything over again, you can also evaluate which are the essential parts of your property that need to be refreshed, such as bathrooms, kitchen and walls in general.

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