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Listing your property

Selling your property in Rio de Janeiro

Selling a property is not just about introducing a buyer to a seller, but about managing a complex and highly emotional transaction involving a large amount of money. At WhereInRio we understand this and we personally guide you through the process.

All the properties we sell are of a high standard; we offer high-end and top luxury penthouses, apartments, and villas in Rio de Janeiro. 

- Our international sales team manages the entire sales process; this means that we offer the following services:

- Providing an accurate and realistic valuation of the property.

- Advising on the most effective marketing strategy.

- Taking professional photos of the property.

- Managing the legal process once an offer has been accepted.

Our marketing team makes sure that your property is promoted in the best possible way throughout Rio and worldwide through internet, regardless of price and size and location of the luxury property. 

We appreciate the importance of developing long-term relationships with each of our clients, wherever they are on their property journey.

We understand that every area, every property and every client is different and that one size doesn’t fit all. So while many agents focus purely on their sales processes, WhereInRio also focuses on people and on delivering a truly excellent service to each and every one of its clients.

But don’t let our passion for what some might call ‘old-fashioned service values’ deceive you: we are a modern, dynamic, forward thinking company that is usually among the first in the industry to recognize and embrace the advantages that technological advances can bring our clients. That is why we are one of the industry leaders in digital marketing and are proud of having a truly world-class website.

If you are looking for a company to serve you with commitment, passion and energy; an agency that can combine local expertise with a global reach; and a knowledgeable, experienced team that you will enjoy working with and can trust to help you overcome the obstacles, choose WhereInRio.

Renting your property in Rio de Janeiro

Our lettings department works proactively to ensure that we find the best quality tenants and achieve the best possible rents and terms for landlords. At the same time we are cautiously doing everything in our power to protect our landlords investments and our tenants well-being. This will be ensured by our stringent letting- and compliance processes. Each of our experienced, award-wining qualified lettings teams are experts in Rio de Janeiro’s lettings market and always up-to-date with the changes in legislation which continue to affect our clients. 

We only rent high standard properties; we offer high-end and top luxury penthouses, apartments, and villas in Rio de Janeiro. 

We ensure that we provide all the guidance and advice necessary to keep both the landlords and the tenants protected.

- We offer:

- Flexible tenancy length;

- Achieve higher rents than a standard letting;

- Guaranteed trusted corporate tenants;

- Lettings tailored to suit your work/life needs and maximize income.

WhereInRio is one of the largest and most successful real estate agencies in Rio de Janeiro and we know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to be a landlord, regardless of whether you have a portfolio or one property.  It is with this understanding that we have developed a comprehensive range of services for landlords that allows them to enjoy the benefits of their investments without the worry or the hassle. From sourcing a suitable property to arranging the deposit release, we can help our landlords through every single step of the lettings process.

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