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Corporate Relocation Services in Rio de Janeiro

At WhereInRio, we help businesses to relocate their staff to Rio de Janeiro for a long- or short-term basis. We care about all the aspects of relocating to another country; we offer more than a fitting property.

Relocating to another country presents many challenges. Therefore, WhereInRio helps with things that may be simple in your hometown, but can be a burden in Rio.

From the obvious hurdles - such as not speaking the local language - to the little things you don’t really think about, like who to call if your washing machine breaks, or where to get a haircut. WhereInRio offers all relocation services that you wish for.

Below you find all the services we offer with regards to corporate relocation.

Finding a property in Rio de Janeiro

WhereinRio provides first-class relocation and settling services in Rio de Janeiro. If you are looking to be assisted while moving to Brazil, our specialized and international team will present you with customized options and will be there to assist you in the entire process.   

We offer a wide range of luxurious properties with which we have assisted a diversity of clients to relocate abroad, our clientele includes: expats, corporate clients, exclusive guests and celebrities. 

Our relocating team excels within the field of mobility management because of the years of experience, excellent costumer service and our international standards. WhereInRio’s team of rental agents will assist you from start to finish in your relocation, our international team can assist you in the desired languages: French, English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. 

Our corporate relocation services provide companies and employees with an extensive property search, taking into account financial and recreational factors, along with assistance in local area knowledge, move-in day and tenancy management. Services include:

Settling in

It is not easy getting to grips when movingto an entirely new country. The transition period is a difficult process, which might offer many challenges, cultural, legally and with your family and friends. We can provide you with every service to make you more comfortable, welcome and at home in your new house and in this beautiful country.   

WhereInRio can offer you advise on important matters - like registering with a local medical practice - and help you get to know your new neighborhood.

Our services include but are not limited to:

• Assisting with opening bank account, gaining parking permits, gaining driver's license, an adequate Portuguese language courses etc.

• Setting up the entire home to be ready upon arrival, this includes services such as phone, internet and television connection. 

• Accompanying to doctors and dentists

• Taking you on a tour to local shopping facilities, transport, parks, restaurants

• Assisting in immigration, visa services, advise on legal matters.  

Concierge services

We also offer a wide range of concierge services like: airport transfers, car rental, house-keeping, maintenance staff, interpreters, babysitters and more.

For more information about our concierge services click here.

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